• Camelback has a unique advisory program which students participate on a daily basis.  Advisory is a time for extra help and support and allows students to travel to see their other teachers in order to get additional support and make up work.

    Successful completion of advisory results in .5 credit of pass/fail credit at the conclusion of the school year.

    In order to fulfill advisory requirements, 4/6 of the following must be completed successfully.  Successful completion of all 6/6 requirements will result in receiving the Spartan SHIELD Award:

             1-      Stewardship-  Complete 4 community service projects

             2-      Honor- Attend 20 campus events (and earn a third ID)

             3-      Intelligence- No D’s or F’s (or complete SIM points requirements as necessary)

             4-      Ethics- 0 referrals (or improved behavior)

             5-      Leadership- Successful completion of a club or sport

             6-      Discipline- Excellent attendance and preparation with minimal tardiness.

    Video Overview of Advisory

    How do I earn credit in Advisory?