Drama Club
Sponsor: Howard Houston
Contact Information: 602-764-6310
Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: Every Wednesday after school in room 7022


   President: Matthew Casian
   Vice President: Montse Carrillo
   Secretary: Ramon Quijada       
   Treasurer: Melissa Jazmin Rosas 
   Scribe: Luis Sanchez
   Publicity: Jeanne Emedi 
   House Manager: Damari Verdugo 


Constant fun!
Lots of laughs!
Best club ever!

This is an outstanding club for anyone to join! It is led by the student officers and they always make sure to create fun and enjoyable meetings for their members. Members will get very involved, build great friendships and leadership abilities, and enjoy great experiences that they won't find elsewhere. Everyone that joins falls in love, because it really becomes more than a club, it becomes a community. If you join drama club, you can expect to play lots of fun games, enjoy our mystery trips, annual thespian conference, make lots of new friends, look back on your decision to join drama club and be so happy you did so, and so much more! So please join us, we always love to get new members anytime throughout the school year. :)